The World's Most Banned Streamer: Who Is The Angry Korean Gamer?

The World's Most Banned Streamer: Who Is The Angry Korean Gamer?

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If you have ever browsed streamer meme videos or the LSF subreddit there is a decent chance you have stumbled upon a streamer known as "The Angry Korean Gamer". Clips of the AKG often show him freaking out and smashing keyboards, and generally making a fool of himself. The gamer has become a meme in the west, but few westerners actually realize the significance of the Angry Korean Gamer overseas. The AKG is...or of, if not the most popular online entertainers in South Korea. In his home country, he is known by the name Shin Tae-Il, and at one point he had a streaming empire that was unmatched in the South Korean video space, but in recent years this empire has essentially crumbled. Shin Tae-Il often pushed boundaries with his content, this would eventually lead him to become a target for platform bans. In fact, now he has become so universally banned, that it is practically impossible to exist as an online entertainer in any feasible way. Today I will walk you through the rise and fall of The Angry Korean Gamer, Shin Tae Il. The most banned streamer the west never knew existed.

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