Malibu That Famous Wave in Japan Not California

Malibu That Famous Wave in Japan Not California

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Yes, that's right! There is a wave just as famous as Malibu in California but just outside of Tokyo In Chiba, Japan.
Quicksilver Japan even held a world competition there & the two world best surfers Kelly Slater and Andy irons battled it out in the final during a huge Typhoon swell.
A good friend of mine Ohno Ken-ichi -san
Has lived in town his whole life and put together Vol 1and 2 of an amazing history of the spot with photos, we take a look at these in the video.

00:00 Trailer
1:19 Episode Start
2:55 ToothBrush
5:58 Marine Map of Katsuura
9:57 ASP Quicksilver Pro Japan
11:37 Brave Surf and Malibu Point
13:24 Rules of Malibu
14:27 Ralph Gillett Surfing
14:49 Malibu the History Files
28:28 Malibu Surfing Video

The town has two amazing surf shops as well as Splash Guest House.

Brave Surf

Malibu Point

Come along for a journey through time as Dane breaks down in English what he knows & what Ken has documented.

I feel like a Japanese Surf museum should be made to after making this video, so much history.

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